Magic Jack Unlocked on your SIP ATA or Asterisk (Trixbox) VOIP System

Saturday 22nd of June 2024

Getting your MajicJack on your SIP Asterisk or Trixbox VOIP Server

Last updated on July 22nd 2009

First step is simple. Learn how to Hack your computer ;-). Just kidding. Follow along.

The concept is basic even if it looks hard.
Your Magic jack leaves the information in memory for a short period as it starts. That's the information we can later use to setup Asterisk, Trixbox or even you grandstream or linksys voip hardware.
You'll need a couple of things:
- Your MajicJack plugged in
- The Stroths MJ Utilities Suite V1.6 (you can download it here

Then run the latest Stroths MJ Utilities Suite.
press the "Update Configuration" and make sure you go into each setting and check that it's correclty for you
You'll have a "Get Current SIP Information" button. Press it.
What it will do is stop (if it's started) the magicJack.
Then it will start monitoring the memory and restart the software and find the information
If it has trouble make sure you have the lastest version of the suite. It's an endless game of cat and mouse as MagicJack updates their software to stop the suite from working and then the software is updated to correctly guess the information

Then just setup your sip.conf (Of course you can look at this information and find out what you need to program your ATA directly)
useragent =MagicJack/1.80.451b (SJ Labs)
register line is:
register => (or what ever extension you want it to go to)
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